Become empowered and discover your full potential. These weekly integration workshops are for young adults who have autism or asperger syndrom. This group is also for young adults who do not have autism or asperger, but would like to discover the world and learn a great deal about themselves and others by connecting with someone who is different. Weekly meetings and monthly activities are planned. For more information and schedule see our “Workshops page.



From 2012 ASIS is providing 12-week theamed self-realization integration dance/arts workshops for individuals with and without autism culminating in Event/Show in  April, which is the National Autism Awareness Month. These workshops and the culminating event are summarized into the docu-films.

2012 “Through the Heart of Tango” (TTHOT)
Workshops, March-April / Event, April 21-22 / Docufilm Premiere, March 16. 2013

2013 “Beautiful”
Workshops February-April / Event, APril 26-28 / Docufilm Premiere, June 1, 2013


Argentine Tango Workshops

Benefits of Argentine tango:  According to studies made in Washington University (EUA), to dance the tango improves balance more than other exercises. The Argentinean doctor Roberto Piedro, pioneer researcher of the therapeutic benefits and applications of tango, put emphasis on the fact that rhythms of Tango require a lot of coordination, it is precisely for this reason that enormous benefits are produced in patients with Parkinsons disease. For people with Alzheimers disease Tango Therapy is very helpful as it requires coordination and memory to learn steps. Dr. Piedro emphasizes that tango is more beneficial than other traditional exercises and dances because they do not improve the coordination the same way as tango does.

Magic of Tango – West Hollywood.

As a part of our mission to enrich the community, DIU in association with the non-profit Unity in Diversity Arts Foundation offered the program “Magic of Tango” in West Hollywood where Elena Alexandra created a series of workshops (group focused exercises, lectures, exhibitions, wrote a series of educational articles) for adults to improve health and quality of life. The program started in May 2009 and will soon celebrate its’ 4th year anniversary.

Status: On-going, Started on May, 2009
Location: West Hollywood, Plummer Park
When: every Saturday from 5pm till 7pm, Room 1 & 2.